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A splendid ritual silver necklace, southeastern Asian, ca. late 19th. century AD.- early 20th. cent.

***This Necklace test as ca. 0.800 silver fineness. It's only ca. 180 grams, so don't buy this for the silver value but for the beauty of an old Tribal necklace***

The necklace with engraved bib or collar with Butterflies amid scrolled foliates and geometric borders, traditional sides recalling a bird with downswept engraved tips (joined for mounting by circular and elongated links)

The whole necklace is greatly elongated with two hammered butterflies, dangling long beads.

Extremely beautiful silver work.

Size: 34,5 cm. long and ca. 15 cm. wide.

Ex. the Katrin and Ulrich Klever collection 1970s-1980s.; Some published in: Katrin u. Ulrich Klever, Exotischer Schmuck (1977) S. 70-71, 76, 138-139.

The Hmong people are esteemed for their skill in making silver jewelry and throughout history have displayed their ornate and stunning jewelry in celebration of the New Year. In the 19th century, the tribal people melted French silver coins to obtain the metals needed to continue making their jewelry. As such early works of jewelry by the Hmong people tend to have higher silver content than later pieces.

Vintage Hmong Miao Silver Necklace

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